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In the Studio with Amy Laughead-Riese

Amy is the President and Principal Lighting Designer of 37 Volts Light Studio. Her passion for light evolved from one class in undergraduate study where she was inspired by the power of light to transform the perception of architectural spaces. With decades of industry experience, she serves her clients with a deep understanding of the triangular intersection of light as an art, a science and a sensitive item on most project budgets.

Her qualifications include Lighting Certified by NCQLP and LEED-AP. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University in Interior Design and a Master’s degree in Interior Design from Virginia Tech. Her thesis, Illumination Level as an Influence Factor on Proxemic Behavior, continues to influence her perspective on balancing darkness with lightness and how people experience and perceive spatial constructs.

Through out her career, Amy has been actively involved with the Illuminating Engineering Society.  Serving an eight year term as chairperson for the Retail Lighting Committee, she coordinated the re-development IES RP-2-17, Recommended Practices for Retail Lighting that now serves as the go to retail document in the new IES Lighting Library. In past years, she's served as Chairperson for IES District 8, and held positions of secretary, vice-president and president of the IES Cincinnati-Louisville Section.

Prior to founding 37 Volts, Amy spent a decade directing the lighting design for Macy's Inc., overseeing the design for new store and remodel construction projects. Her duties included maintaining the lighting standards for 850 Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s locations as well as providing lighting education throughout the corporation. The experience working on the owner side of the industry gave Amy insight to the complete lighting design process, from conception to installation and long-term facility maintenance.

Amy has been a frequent guest lecturer at various universities and at professional seminars. She has lectured in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, and New York City at various lighting events. In recent years, she's hosted Build-Light-Play in Cincinnati, a lighting charette for architects. No computers required, the event encouraged hands-on play with various materials, the latest LED luminaires and exploration of lighting interaction with sculpted structures.

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