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Centerpoint Energy is the sponsor for the Tank space. To reflect their identity, the entrance to the Tank was envisioned to be like a pipeline. Many ideas were considered, including adding gas lines with natural gas lamps. 37volts provided some alternate ideas to use lighting as a metaphor within the pipeline, adding flowing "blue flames" evocative of natural gas, guiding one from the upper sidewalk, below ground and into the Tank. Flanking either side of the pipeline is a gallery/gathering space.

The Tank is affectionately called the 'shark tank' by the design team. It's a subterranean theatre in the round to be used by entrepreneurs for "pitch nights", small theatre events, parties and receptions.  The ceiling type evolved through the CD phase, and ultimately drywall ceilings were eliminated. A sound proof material was applied to the concrete ceilings, resulting in suspended lights.

Theatrical lights were not originally budgeted, but due to cost savings from other lighting line items, we were able to recommend and implement a simple DMX solution with mini-moving heads and color-wash lights with spot light ellipsoidals. Simple dynamic light effects are choreographed and  pre-programmed for pitch nights.

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